Opening up old wounds ?

5 11 2010

So, a couple of weeks ago I have an odd idea “It’s been nearly 20 years since I left high school”. Spurred on by this scary thought and the sudden resurgence of old school friends appearing on a certain Social Networking site, I think “Won’t a high school reunion be a good idea” ? I’d played around with the thought for some time, but to be honest I thought someone else would have done it before me. That point actually reminds me of one of my favourite reads, Douglas Adam’s “The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy”.

I recall the author’s note at the beginning of the book. Doug had been inspired to write the book whilst drunk and catatonic in a field on the Isle of Wight. He had a wonderfully insightful view of modern life, in particular how we manage to navigate our ways around problems especially those of other people. The concept that he introduced was an invisible field surrounded problems, and made them invisible to us. This concept was branded a SEP Field standing for “Someone Else’s Problem“. If a SEP Field surrounded a problem, the problem became invisible to everyone. Once you understand that SEP Fields exist and are a real occurrence, it’s easy to see them everywhere. Perhaps the Western world’s financial sector had an especially powerful SEP Field surrounding it…but I digress somewhat !

Back to the point…

I hastily decided on an arbitrary date in early December, and even organised an event on Facebook for the reunion. All of the school friends that I could remember (it’s been some time) were invited, and I sat back and waited. My aim was just to meet everyone for a few drinks, catch up with each other’s lives and also see that I’m not the only one who looks older ! I didn’t want a showy American style reunion, just a simple chin-wag and to partake in a few chilled beverages.

Within a couple of days I received mails from people who made it clear that they didn’t want to go. I am aware that these people didn’t have a good time in school, and some were even bullied. This left me in a quandary, as I didn’t want them reliving the bad times. It got me thinking about how much school life affects us for the rest of our naturals.

I was lucky (I think). I had a good time in school, and did “ok” when it came to exams. However one person whom I know was not so lucky. They were bullied throughout high school, and as soon it finished they moved far away to escape from it. That’s really tough, and it’s affected them throughout their adult life.

This was the true quandary that I languished in. What type of therapy is best to deal with those demons…aversion or face to face ? Personally speaking if I encounter an issue, I try to tackle it head on. If it’s a “biggy”, it does take me some time to get around to it…but I get there eventually. I try not to avoid an issue, as it just goes around and around in me noggin’ and grows like a snowball rolling down a hill. I just wish that people felt strong enough to take the bull by the proverbial horns. Reading that last sentence, I don’t think a career in psychology is for me !

Let’s see how the reunion goes…



2 responses

12 11 2010
Tiny Temper

So much easier on the eyes 🙂 Ask others, but your posts are really standing out now, I think 🙂

13 11 2010

Yep it does look a great deal better this theme. Thanks for the prompt !

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