A field guide to airports…PART ONE

30 11 2010

You know airports are a place unlike any others. There are an amazing array of peoples in one place, all with their unique story. The airport that I generally fly out of is Manchester (MAN). If you want to see a cross section of Britain, come here. Preferably on a weekday morning, about 9am ! A swift survey of your surroundings will generally reveal most if not all of the following stereotypes..


Gone are the days when business types would travel suited and booted. Your a-typical business person (it’s all about equality these days you know) will be dressed in jeans  and some obscure but unbelievably expensive fleece jacket. “They only make these in Nepal you know”, they will comment to you assuredly. Speak to them a little further, and you’ll find they got it from Outdoor World ! It’s all about image you see.

Another sure fire indication is the BlackBerry. The BlackBerry should be named “CrackBerry”, as they seem to be more addictive than crack.


1. Cool & collected – unless screaming into a CrackBerry

2. CrackBerry cradled like a child

3.  Inhabiting expensive coffee shops

4. Red eyes !

Over the forthcoming days, you will be be able to complete your airport field guide. Guaranteed to make your airport journeys more fun !




One response

30 11 2010
Tiny Temper

It’s been years since I was in airport. Had forgotten what they’re like! Looking forward to part 2!

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