A field guide to airports…PART TWO

1 12 2010


The family travelling group are always stressed. Usually the mother can be found looking exasperated as a hoard of unruly offspring attempt to leverage as much sugar and high energy confectionery from her as possible.

The father can generally be located in either :-

1. The bar
2. Gazing out of the window, wishing to be somewhere else (or be someone else).

Fellow travellers and passengers will be aghast at the thought of spending the next several hours next to the aforementioned offspring. I can imagine that they will be praying to whatever deity is fashionable at the time that they aren’t sat next to them on a 9 hour flight !


1. You hear them before you see them
2. Huge amount of unruly children
3. Empty Haribo packs littering the floor
4. Absent Father – either in bar or in a corner crying.

Part three of this field guide to come tomorrow !




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