An ode to flight

26 05 2012

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you will have noticed how I tend to ramble. Whilst rambling in conversation may be considered a preserve of the elderly and/or insane, I hold that capability close to my heart. You see my mind wanders somewhat. Perhaps I have ADHD or ADD if you speak with an American accent, as I do find it difficult to remain focused for extended periods of time. Could it simply be that I have too much going on in my life ?

I write this from 38000 feet above the Atlantic Ocean. As oceans go, it’s pretty nice but it’s wondrous conveyor belt climate system (Gulf Stream) provides a swift if not bumpy return flight. I spend a large proportion of my life in a flying metal tube. As little as 100 years ago, flying would have been considered the Devil’s work. Crammed into a ‘Cattle Class’ seat, being served food that can only be described as “matter”. Listening to children screaming or people snoring. My personal favourite is the person who thinks blessing themselves at every opportunity is a smart move. Each and every time I see that, I actually think that my number is up !

Despite the sometimes hellish conditions inside the aircraft, you cannot fail to notice the beauty outside. When returning from Vietnam I watched a beautiful thunderstorm far below us. It was simply breathtaking.

As we lifted from Orlando on this flight, I was struck by a poetic bolt of lightning. I have never written poetry, but it seemed to be the only to express my feelings.

Upon the air – 25-May-12

Propelled by matter unseen, we drift
Clouds abound, substance they gain
Their impact felt, afar by all
Yet matter not, we to them

Upon the air, we did glide

Land and sea, becomes minutia to me
Boundaries mix, shapes blend forth
Weaving creed, colour and culture
Yet matter not, we to them

Upon the air, we did glide

Forever clement, forever dry
Weather ceases, to be
Moisture free, oxygen starved
A binary existence, light or dark

Upon the air, we did glide

But Hark! at our matter unseen
Spewing forth, it’s invisible tongue
Kissing the strata, it’s noxious touch
A lingering moment, lasting for all

Upon the air, we did glide





One response

17 06 2012
Lynsey Templeman

well jel! sounds magical!

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