“Consistenty Inconsistent”

11 07 2012

During a conversation that I had with someone yesterday, I described myself as “Consistently Inconsistent”. Ever since that conversation the description has been preying on me. Isn’t it amusing how a phrase or word/s become lodged in your synapse ? Repeating inside your head, blowing around like a crisp packet in the wind. For me such phrases or words become a catalyst unlocking other randomized fragments of language. Ironically it’s not always English that they unlock. Wow my head is a quagmire of junk !

I didn’t sleep well last night thanks to being consistently inconsistent, but it allowed me to form a very personal poem.

I am Me

Consistently inconsistent

Simplistically complicated

Concise yet unclear

Unromantically romantic

Fashionably unfashionable

Comes with instructions, unreadable by all

A enigmatic mystery, wrapped in clear film

Garnished repleat with a tarnished ribbon

I am Me, and all that’s I am


On another poetry related note, I spent some time reading children’s poems with my little one yesterday. It was heartwarming to hear her understand the flow and rhythm of the poems, delivering emphasis where it’s needed. I think that will become a regular feature of our precious time together.




One response

11 07 2012
Rigel Ordinario

Haha! That happens to me quite a lot, too, especially with thought-provoking oxymora. 🙂 I love the poem.

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