The Gut Feel

15 01 2013

Life is strange sometimes. Following the path of your life is even stranger. Many times I have thought to myself ‘Is this what the careers guidance officer had in mind for me’. Strangely the careers guidance officer in my school was also also a Science Teacher and a Woodwork Teacher. Perhaps his careers guidance officer was as vague as he was? Maybe his entire guidance system was based upon a ‘Magic 8 Ball‘?

Back to my original point before the Alzheimer’s kicks in a little too much. Life is strange and I am always taken by it’s obtuse  path. These thoughts occur to me on a regular basis, usually when I find myself in an unreal situation whilst traveling.  The latest time occurred to me tonight as I walked back to my haunted hotel. More on that later.

I am visiting Dragør in Denmark for business. My colleague Hans lives in this beautiful town close to Kastrup Airport. The town is reasonably small with the main hotel on the beach next to the harbour. It is spitting distance to the water and looks even more picturesque in the snow. The hotel is divided into holiday apartments, which are very well appointed indeed.

I would not describe myself as ‘spiritually aware‘. Despite it sounding like a polite term for an alcoholic, it’s also someone who feels things. The type of feeling that cannot be explained or rationalized, but it’s there and cannot be shaken. I felt something in this hotel. Walking into the room, I KNEW something was there. I knew that it was haunted. I even commented to friends via text last night…’I think this place is haunted‘. I cannot explain the feeling, it was simply a gut feeling. It was like feeling that someone was in a room before you walked into it. The sense of presence that an empty room betrays.

So I slept without supernatural interruption last night. However today I told Hans that I felt something here. He looked at me and said ‘Susan (his wife) told you this‘. No she did not I replied. He went a little pale and explained to me. There is apparently a lady dressed in a black shawl who is seen walking around the courtyard. She has been sighted several times by different people. Apparently this hotel is the oldest licensed premises in Denmark and the gallows were located right outside. I knew that I had felt something. My gut feeling was indeed correct as it had been many times before, albeit for different reasons.

So, that ‘WTF’ feeling. In my life I come across several situations that made my think, how the hell did I end up here? Tonight yielded another one of those. Walking along  a beach road near to the hotel, looking to the left at rich peoples homes. Looking to the right at a road between Denmark and Sweden. Head and tail lights twinkling in the distance. A concrete link between two countries, separated by water for centuries. Thinking to myself, this is surreal. I am a snotty nosed kid from Bootle, just outside Liverpool (UK) walking along a beach road at night to a haunted hotel in Denmark.

Life has thrown me some incredible challenges over the past year. A few bad, but mostly positive. I am thankful to be breathing each day and continuing to enjoy the surreal experiences that I enjoy. Feeling very lucky tonight.

Here’s hoping that the lady in black doesn’t pay me a visit through the night!




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