17 02 2013

Surreal and wonderful

A New Life In Norway

firelplaceOn Friday night the Norwegian public television station NRK, broadcast a burning fireplace for 12 hours with firewood experts providing commentary, wood burning advice and poetry throughout the program.

The idea for the show came as a result of a firewood book called “Hel Ved” which means Strong Character in English.  This book has sold close to 130,000 copies in Norway (which is pretty high given the population is only 5M) with the publisher claiming that only “Fifty Shades of Grey” sold more copies.

“People in Norway have a spiritual relationship with fire” Rune Moeklebust, a producer for NRK said. “Fire is the reason we’re here, if there was no firewood, we couldn’t live in Norway, we’d freeze.”

It’s true, the Norwegians do seem to have passion for fire.  Most houses have open fires and during the winter months Norwegians go mad for candles.  They’re everywhere!  Outside coffee shops, inside homes and even in…

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