Life Reloaded

20 04 2013

I have been blogging for 2 1/2 years now. I have documented many things in my life, travel and food being the prime examples. Blogging has even allowed me to explore my creative side with amateur poetry bursting forth from my fingers. However there is one blog that remains unpublished. It’s a very personal blog, highlighting major failures and low points in my life. Consequently it’s been even difficult to gain the confidence to contemplate writing it. The confidence is there, the time feels right. Therefore the creative juices and the planets are in perfect alignment.

My new marriage fell apart after only five months in early 2012. Fingers were pointed, unkind words were said. Two people were to blame. The whole experience left me questioning everything in my life. My trip to Vietnam gave me the ability to see through the dark veil of negativity. To rebuild my life and therefore my soul. I grasped that opportunity with both hands and took it. Seeing things in different light, Dan v2.0 was constructed. A new positive Dan, open to opportunities and free from the tyranny of negativity.

Ever since I was young, I have always wanted to live outside the UK. Various opportunities have presented themselves and for various reasons they didn’t work out. This time was different. Over the past year I had spent a great deal of time in Bergen, Norway. It felt like home. It was a ‘gut feeling’. I was happy and settled when I was there. The opportunity arose for me to relocate to Bergen. I grasped it with both hands. There were a number of items that made me nervous, not to mention my daughter in the UK (living with her Mum). This is a new country, a new job, new language, new culture, new home. Dan rebooted. I had kind of moved out to Bergen in November. I found an amazing place to live, with a lovely landlady.

Have you ever tried to give something away? People don’t want your cast offs. Try giving away the contents of a house. I guarantee it causes stress. My aim was to emigrate with as little as possible. Nevertheless, two weeks before Christmas I was able to move out of my home. Staying with family for the Christmas period, the aim was to drive my UK car over to Norway. The route is not exactly straight forward:

Liverpool to Harwich > Harwich to Esbjerg (Denmark via ferry) > Esbjerg to Hirtshals > Hirtshals > Bergen (via ferry)

Leaving Liverpool early on the 28th of December, my car’s suspension was groaning. I had a three day journey ahead of me. The journey was actually very easy. Music blasting, taking a rest when needed. Enjoying every single mile. Plus the moment of terror as I rolled off the ferry in Denmark. Driving a right hand drive vehicle on a right hand road takes quite some adjustment. Nevertheless, the journey was quite smooth up until Hirtshals.

Hirtshals reminded of a ghost town. I saw no one. I went to the hotel. I saw no one. The key to my room was left by the door, presumably by a ghost. It was spooky to say the least. I managed to get some sleep in the ghost hotel and prepared for the final part of my journey. Boarding the ferry the next morning was not the most enthralling of experiences. As we sailed out of the harbour, I could feel my excitement rising. I was embarking on my new life.

The North Sea is an unforgiving beast. I would actually say that the sea is a ‘She’. She was pretty upset, because she threw our ship around and around. Despite working on ships I do suffer from seasickness. Amazingly I did not here.

Pulling into Bergen harbour at 0800 on the 31st of December 2012, I was on the dawn of my new life. Taking the drive out to Sotra, the weak sunlight was creeping low into the sky. I reached my apartment, fresh snow on the floor.

Walking into the apartment, the familiar yet unfamiliar sense of home. The feeling of similarity yet everything is different. My tired mind struggling to comprehend all of these new factors.

31st of December 2012 – A new year, a new home, a new job, a new language, a new culture. Life Reloaded

Top of the world

Top of the world

View from my bedroom window

View from my bedroom window

View from Pyttern

View from Pyttern




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