Creed and Colour

12 09 2013

Why is it that I gravitate towards the proverbial den of iniquity? Finding myself with an evening to spare in a less than salubrious area of Oslo always invites opportunity.  In this particular instance I am sat outside a pub in quite a multicultural part of Oslo (Brugata). It is really interesting just to watch the different nationalities walk by here. There is a large Somalie group here, a very large group of Romany Gypsies around the corner and various other ragtag peoples.  What strikes me most is the world’s problems from yesterday are here. Somalia, Ethiopia, Romania, Iraq – the displaced need to go somewhere. What is more interesting is the amount of time that it takes for these poor folk to end up somewhere safe. We see the Syrian conflict on TV right now. Yet in one year we will see the human face of that tragedy.

So back to Two Dogs on Brugata. I think this place is a semi gay bar, catering for the female gender. Still it’s a welcoming place. Sitting outside watching the world go by, nursing a pint of Ringenes it allows you to contemplate upon things. 

How lucky are we? You, me, our friends and family. To live in place free of war, poverty and natural disasters. To be able to vote for a (relatively) honest politician.  To have support and assistance when we need it.

Yet still we moan and pule about how bad our life is. We still feel that others who look a little different to us don’t deserve the security that we are accustomed to. Turn the tables and imagine their lives. What horrors have they seen and experienced.

The right to live is a basic human need.

Walk a day in someone else’s shoes. You might learn something about yourself.



2 responses

12 09 2013

Good little piece Dan. In a first world context though I’d hardly wish much of my life on anyone; but to conclude on that point I guess its all relative and subjective.

12 09 2013

I lived there, are you in toxteth dan?

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