The eve of uncertainty

8 04 2018

I admire those who can give a live commentary from a major event. Imagine the reporters who stood, watching the crowds tearing apart the Berlin Wall. What went through their head? A sense of jubilation, a new time to come. Hopeful of the new era that may be born.

I sit in a very nice apartment, only three streets away from the bastion of Budapest – Buda Castle. Literally the fate of a nation is being decided closely to me. The liberties of Hungary and those that live within are (still) being voted. Never have I been so engaged in a national vote. The ruling Fidesz party; their shameless corruption and crack-down on civil liberties hanging over my head like the sword of Damocleas.

This vote to me represents more than an election, it represents a potentially fundamental change to my way of life.

More news to come, but I am nervous.




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