Going Native

19 05 2012

Firstly, if there are spelling mistakes in this post that even a moribund frog would be ashamed of…let me apologize in advance. I am writing this from my phone, and this is the first post from said phone. So, if the phone makes it through this in one piece…its a good day indeed.

My location is a little different from my last series of entries. In fact, I would say a world away. I am sat in a busy bar in Palm Bay, Florida. Two week ago I was in Vietnam, also sat in a bar. Well, several as I recall…I think !

The difference between the locations is light years apart…

I come out to my employers HQ here roughly every two months. Each time I try to think of something to blog about here. Each time I draw a blank. It just isn’t very inspiring here. I started a blog entry called “A Cliché On Every Corner”, and that’s what America represents to me.

Let me explain my rationale some more. If I blindfolded you and took you to a busy road in the US. Removed the blindfold and let you observe the vista, then replaced it. Transported you 500 miles away and repeated the experiment…you would believe that you were in the same town. This is due to the proliferation of the same brands and corporate logos everywhere. I know that this is similar to the rest of the world..but it is sensory overload here.

Walk/drive/meander down any road and your senses are bombarded with neon signs, billboards or even people spinning sale signs. After the low key adverts in ‘Nam, it leaves me breathless.

So, sitting in a generic bar drinking generic beer..anywhere in America I ponder upon a question. Why do I find America so endearing ? Why do I enjoy coming here, and then wonder why I enjoy it ?

It’s the people.

The world views American’s in a unique way. Almost like the petulant spolit child stamping it’s feet to get it’s own way. However I think you need to dig a little deeper, scratch beneath the brash exterior to discover the soft underbelly of the populace.

We all have the same worries, we all care for our families and worry about where the next pound, dollar, sheckle is coming from. American’s just do it in a different way to everyone else. Admittedly in a much more noisy ‘high fiving’ kind of way.

They are brash, they are childish and by God they are noisy…but I enjoy the company of American’s.

Incidentally, I think my next motorcycle tour will be Route 66.


PS I can really recommend The Broken Barrel Tavern in Palm Bay. They are ‘educated’ in quality beers. A rare breed indeed !

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